Studies of Legal Matters

The studies of legal sources and best practices on specific issues or branches, aggregating in a written statement the obtained information and conclusions.

* When an initiative to commence a new type of commercial activities is considered, the economic substantiation of the idea and the possibilities to compete in the existing markets of goods and services has to be carefully assessed. However, to avoid any possible complications, the assessment of the legal aspects of the initiative also is important. The statement about the results of the legal studies will provide a comprehensive insight about the legislative regulatory framework of the respective area both according to the requirements of the EU and the Republic of Latvia – about any mandatory requirements, restrictions, sequence of activities to be undertaken etc.
* The assessment of a confronted problem or a solution of a conflict, taking into account the legal provisions in force and the existing court precedents;
* An assessment of a legal provision or a draft agreement;
* A statement on the possibilities to breach a concluded agreement – an evaluation of the potential legal consequences, possible gains and losses in case of a breach of an agreement

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